Packaging Two piece of high quality 18500 Lithium Iron phosphate cylindrical cell with PCM wrapped in PVC shrink wrap
Nominal Voltage 6.4V
Capacity Typical 800mAh (1C)
Minimum 720mAh
Charging Voltage 7.6V
Standard Charge Current 240mAh (0.3C)
Max. Current Charge 800mAh
Discharge 1200mAh (limited by polyswitch)
Ambient temperature Charge 0°C to 5°C
Discharge -20°C to 60°C
Storage -20°C to 25°C
One Protection Circuit Module Overcharge >7.7V
Overdischarge <4.46V
Max. Cont. Current 5A
Current Limit 9-12A
Current protection SRP120F polyswitch
Current Consumption 20uA
Protection Circuit Resistance ≤40mΩ
Short Circuit Yes
Dimensions 58mm x 37mm x 21mm
Approx. Weight (g) 90g
Thermistor No
Wiring & Connection 2 wires (length=6″, size=18AWG) cable with red (+) and black (- or com).