Packaging 4 pieces of high quality Lithium Iron phosphate cylindrical cell with PCM and in plastic enclosure with quick connect terminals
Nominal Voltage 12.8V
Capacity Typical 5000mAh (1C)
Minimum 4500mAh
Charging Voltage 15.2V
Standard Charge Current 1500mAh (0.3C)
Max. Current Charge 2500mAh (0.5C)
Discharge 10Ah (2C)
Ambient temperature Charge 0°C to 5°C
Discharge -20°C to 60°C
Storage -20°C to 25°C
One Protection Circuit Module Overcharge >15.6V
Overdischarge <9.6V
Max. Cont. Current 10.0A
Current Limit 40~60 A
Current Consumption NA
Protection Circuit Resistance NA
Short Circuit Yes
Thermistor No
Dimensions 90mm x 70mm x 101mm
Approx. Weight (g) 670g
Wiring & Connection T1 Quick Connect Terminals