Packaging 1 high quality Panasonic Li-Ion cell with PCM Protection module in heavy duty PVC shrink wrap with molex connector
Nominal Voltage 3.6/3.7V
Capacity Typical 3400mAh @0.2C
Minimum 3200mAh
Max. Current Charge 1700mA (0.5C)
Discharge 6800mA (2.0C)
Ambient temperature Charge 0°~45° C  @ 60±25% Relative Humidity
Discharge -20°~60° C @ 60±25%Relative Humidity
Storage -20°~25° C @ 60±25% Relative Humidity
One Protection Circuit Module Overcharge 4.325±0.025V
Overdischarge 2.50±0.05V
Current Protection 11~14A
Max Coninuous Discharge 8A
PCM current usage 15µA
Short Circuit Automatic recovery
PCM resistance ≤50mΩ
Dimensions 66.5mm L x 22mm D max.
Approx. Weight (g) 60g
Thermistor 10K NTC Thermistor
Wiring & Connection Length of wire leads TBD (#24 AWG) with Molex 51004-0300 connector: Pin 1= BLK(-), Pin 2=RED(+), Pin3=YEL(Thermistor)