Packaging Three pieces of high quality 2600mAh Lithium 18650 cells with Protection Circuit Module (PCM) and PTC circuit protection
Nominal Voltage 3.6V
Capacity Typical 7800 mAh (0.2C discharge)
Minimum 7800 mAh
Charging Voltage 4.2V  +/-0.05V
Standard Charge Current 2350mA (0.3C)
Max. Current Charge 3900mA  (0.5C)
Discharge 11700mA  ( but limit by PTC below)
Ambient temperature Charge 0 deg C to 45 deg C
Discharge -20 deg C to 60 deg C
Storage -5 deg C to 35 deg C
Discharge Cut-Off Voltage 2.5V
Nominal Weight Approx. 147g
Dimensions approx. 56mm H x 68mm W x 19mm T
One Protection Circuit Module Overcharge >4.3V  +/-0.05
Overdischarge <2.5V  +/-0.1
Current Limit 5 amp  (limit by PTC Fuse below)
Short Circuit Protection
Thermistor Thermistor
PTC Overcurrent Circuit Protection Polyswitch SRP420F (4.2A protection)or equivalent
Wiring & Connection Approximately 3 x 7″ (22AWG) in length with Molex 436450300 connector. Pin 1 White (therm), Pin 2 RED (+) Pin 3 Black (- or com)