Packaging Three pieces of high quality 350mAh Lithium 10440 cells with Protection Circuit Module (PCM)
Nominal Voltage 11.1V
Capacity Typical  350mAh (0.2C discharge)
Minimum  315mAh
Max. Current Charge Recommend Maximum 350mA (1C)
Discharge 700mA (2C) continuous Discharge
Ambient temperature Charge 0 deg C to 45 deg C
Discharge -20 deg C to 60 deg C
Storage -5 deg C to 35 deg C
One Protection Circuit Module Overcharge >12.6V
Overdischarge <7.2V
Current Protection 4-6A
Short Circuit Protection
Thermistor Optional
Approx. Weight (g) 209g
Dimensions approx. 52mm L x 31mm W x 15mm T
Wiring & Connection 2 wires (length=2″, size=24AWG) cable with red (+) and black (- or com).