Packaging Eighteen pieces of high quality 2600mAh Lithium 18650 cells with Protection Circuit Module (PCM)
Nominal Voltage 21.6V
Capacity Typical 7800mAh (0.2C discharge)
Minimum 7020mAh
Max. Current Charge Recommend Maximum 7.8A (1C)
Discharge 10A continuous Discharge (Limited by PCM)
Ambient temperature Charge 0 deg C to 45 deg C
Discharge -20 deg C to 60 deg C
Storage -5 deg C to 35 deg C
One Protection Circuit Module Overcharge >25.2V
Overdischarge <15V
Current Protection  40-60A
Short Circuit Protection
Thermistor Optional
Approx. Weight (g) 930
Dimensions approx. 170mm L x 71mm W x 46mm T
Wiring & Connection 2 wires (length=18″, size=16AWG) cable with red (+) and black (- or com).