Packaging High quality Lithium ion 103450 cells with Protection Circuit Module (PCM).
Capacity Typical 2000 mAh (0.2C discharge)
Minimum 1950mAh
Charging Voltage 4.2V  +/-0.03V
Standard Charge Current 600mA (0.3C)
Max. Current Charge 1000mA (0.5C)
Discharge 2500mA
Ambient temperature Charge 0 deg C to 45 deg C
Discharge -20 deg C to 60 deg C
Storage -5 deg C to 35 deg C
Dimensions approx. 36mm W x 52mm L x 11mm T
Nominal Weight Approx. 45g
One Protection Circuit Module Overcharge 4.3V  +/-0.05
Overdischarge 2.5V +/-0.1V
Current Limit 2-3.5A
Short Circuit Protection
Wiring & Connection Approximately 2 x 6″ in length.  24 AWG open wires (RED (+) & Black (- or com)